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Our competitively priced products incredible supportive ability is matched only by our attentive customer support.

We also offer an inspection service. This service is done by a Registered LMI (2007120168), because the team at Inufa knows that safety does come first and we would like all of our clients to have piece of mind that with our two decades experience in the lifting industry we can insure that our products lift your company to new heights.

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Wire Rope Slings

Slings are measured from pull to pull (effective length), i.e from the bearing point on the inside of the thimble, soft eye, ring, hook etc.

Forged Steel Wire Rope Clips

Wire rope clips have an efficiency rating of 80% for 3-4mm to 22mm sizes, and 90% for sizes 24-26mm through 90mm.

Endless Round Slings

High strength, lightweight polyester slings are ideal for delicate surfaces and suitable for choker applications reduces WLL with 2%.

Horizontal / Vertical Clamps

Welded alloy steel body for strength and smaller size. Forged alloy components, where required. Each product is individually serialised, with the serial number and the test certificate with maintenance and warranty logbook.

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